Borough of Prospect Park, NJ

Parks & Recreation

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Shadi Taha, Recreation Director

(973) 790-7902 x 516  Fax: (973) 790-0394

The Recreation Department oversees all recreational activities provided and within the Borough of Prospect Park and coordinates the use of the Borough’s recreational facilities.

Annual activities are on the Borough’s calendar and will also be posted on the site as they are close in date.  For information on renting the Pavilion, Park or another facilities of the Borough of Prospect Park’s Park you can check the application on the site. Fee for use of the Park’s pavilion or its facilities are  non-refundable .

For more information please call the Recreation Department at (973) 790-7902 x 516.

Through an inter-local services agreement, Prospect Park residents may register for pool memberships to the Fair Lawn Memorial Pool.  Information regarding pool memberships is detailed on the below link.

Fair Lawn Memorial Pool Membership Information

Hofstra Park Use of All Facilities Weekly Schedule March 21-27, 2022

  • Please be advised each facility schedule is subject to changes pending any new / additional use of facility requests and permits issued.
  • The Spray Park is closed until Memorial Day weekend (weekend of May 28, 2022).
  • For more information, please contact the Recreation Department at 973-790-7902 ext. 516 or e-mail