Elected Officials

Name Position Email
Mohamed T. Khairullah Mayor
Robert Artis Council Member
Felicia Ortiz Council Member
Esther Perez Council President
Anand Shah Council Member
Adnan Zakaria Council Member
Alaa Matari Council Member


Emergency Services

Name Position Email Phone
Chief Atie Chief of Police 973-790-7900
MaryAnn Cakl Police Clerk 973-790-7902 ext 530
Yeisy Reyes, Jr. Office of Emergency Management   973-790-7902 ext 515
Fire Prevention     973-790-7902 ext 522
Doug Struyk Fire Chief   973-790-7902 ext 526
Kenny Valt DPW Garage 973-790-6654


Borough Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Hana Hataf Deputy Tax Collector/ Registrar 973-790-7902 ext 517
Naomi Kasib Court Administrator 973-790-7902 ext 528
Kairy Acevedo Court Violations Clerk 973-790-7902 ext 527
Steve Sanzari Tax collector/Chief Finance Officer 973-790-7902 ext 517
Lois Bridge Board of Health (Secretary)   973-790-7902 ext 523
Danielle Ireland-Imhof Borough Administrator 973-790-7902 ext 532
Karina Figueroa Recreation Director 973-790-7902 ext 516
Intashan Chowdhury

Administrative Assistant &

Municipal Alliance Coordinator 973-790-7902 ext 529
Laura Borchers Borough Clerk 973-790-7902 ext. 510
Heidy Amaral Housing Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer 973-790-7902 ext. 524
Matthew Rinaldi Tax Assessor 973-790-7902 ext. 525