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Notice Regarding 3rd Quarter Tax Bills

As you may be aware, there is a delay in mailing out the 3rd quarter property tax bills.  The delay is the direct result of the increase in school aid being allocated by the State to Prospect Park School #1 and Manchester Regional High School.  The Division of Local Government Services recently issued a statement that schools in receipt of increased aid may amend their budget to reflect the additional aid funding, but must make the decision to do so by this Friday, July 21, 2017.  The Borough cannot have the 2017 tax rate certified and prepare the tax bills for mailing before we receive confirmation from both the Prospect Park and Manchester Boards of Education on whether they will amend their 2017 budgets or not.

We remain focused on issuing the tax bills as soon as possible by being in constant communication with the administrations of both schools for their decisions to amend their budgets.  If you have any quetions, you can always contact one of your elected officials or the Borough's tax office and we will provide any information or assistance we can.